Myatt PE Homework:


All students are encouraged to practice tying shoes until successful.  This is a huge safety measure in P.E.


1,2, Learn to Tie Shoes!

Your child's practice, along with your patience and praise, will eventually lead to perfection.

Around 12 months old a child can “help” you put their shoes on.  Kids are ready to try by themselves between 2-and 3-years-old.

By five years of age, a child is ready to learn to tie his or her own shoes.


1-Loop Method:

1.      Take 1 shoe lace in 1 hand, the second lace in the other and hold both of them straight up.  Then crisscross the laces over each other to make a big X.

2.      Fold 1 lace over the other and pull that lace through the bottom half of the X; then pull both of the laces tight until they lie nice and flat against the shoe.

Many kids find the” bunny ears” method is easier to learn that the “1-loop” method that most adults use to tie their shoes.

Bunny Ears Method:

1.      Make 2 loops, 1 with each shoelace.

2.      Make and X with the loops (ears), holding the center of the X in place with your thumb an finger. (They may need to switch hands for this part)

3.      Fold 1 loop (ear) of the other (as you did with the first X) and pull that loop (ear) through the bottom half of the X. 

4.      Now pull both loops (ears) tight through the hole to form a bow.

Helpful Hints:

  • Children develop at different rates.  Pease do no rush your child as this skill does take time to master.  Take it one step at a time before moving on to the next step to learn.  Repetition is important to learn.
  • If some of your child’s friends can already tie their shoes, assure him or her that they will learn soon as well and remind them of the skills they do have.
  • Once children start learning, he or she w ill want to tie for themselves, please allow extra time in the mornings before school to avoid frustration.
  • Use flat laces, which are easier to manipulate that round ones.
  • Make sure the laces are long enough so they are easy to work with.
  • Some children find it easier to practice and learn on larger shoes. Offer them a pair of larger shoes if available.


Remember to encourage and support them every.  Praise goes a long ways when learning!



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