PE Rules

Myatt PE Rules and Procedures

Safety is our priority.  In order to be safe, we have rules and procedures we follow:


 1.  Students attend P.E. everyday for thirty minutes.

 2.  Each child participates unless they have a signed note from a parent or guardian.

 3.  A doctor's note is required after the third day.

 4.  Classes will be held in the gym and on the field as the weather permits.

 5.  Tennis shoes with socks are required for safety and comfort.

 6.  Girls must wear shorts under their skirts.

 7.  We have water fountains so no water bottles.

 8.  Come into the gym quietly and sit on assigned number.

 9.  Listen to teachers' directions.

10.  Start and stop on teacher cues (voice, music, whistle, etc.)

11.  Play by the activity rules.

12.  Be a good sport (We stress showing kindness to others.)

13. Keep hands and feet to self.

14. Line up and leave gym quietly.



 1.  Listen and follow directions the 1st time.

 2.  Be safe.

 3.  Respect equipment.

 4.  Respect others (no hitting, kicking, saying unkind words etc.)

Consequences: (not necessarily listed in order)

 1.  Warning

 2.  White Slip sent home to have signed

 3.  Office referral

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