On fair weather days, Kindergarten students will compete by walking, jogging, and/or running ¼ mile laps on the field to improve their cardiovascular health. Students’ individual laps will be recorded on their hand with a permanent marker and then converted into miles to earn toe-tokens (one for every 20 laps). We will keep a record of class laps.  Adult family members are invited and encouraged to come and walk with their child as their laps will double for the class competition. Adults must first check in at the front desk and then record their laps in the gym. If the weather is poor we will remain indoors, and each child will receive an average of (4) laps. Each nine weeks we will recognize a boy and girl from each class that has the most laps as well as the class with the most laps per grade level. The class with the most laps gets to keep a trophy in their room for a month or until another class earns more laps.  At the end of the year, the top boy and top girl  will be recognized per grade level.  


When we walk outdoors- students are encouraged and expected to:

 1.      Walk into the gym quietly

 2.      Walk outside with a teacher

 3.      Walk or run around all the cones stopping to receive a mark for each lap

 4.      Be kind to others

 5.      Keep hands and feet to self

 6.      Not stop to simply sit or pick flowers

 7.       Not bring water bottles (We have water fountains in the gym and we most always have  

         time for water.)

 8.      Walk back in the gym with a teacher

  9.       Stay quiet while laps are recorded (This is to ensure the laps earned are recorded by

         the correct name.)

10.   Line up and leave gym quietly


When we walk indoors-students are encouraged and expected to:

1.      Come into the gym and walk to assigned number.

2.      Walk in place to Walking Video

3.      Stay on number while walking

4.      Line up and leave gym quietly


Rewards for following rules and procedures:

1.      Fun and safe chance to earn laps

2.      Toe-token for every 20 laps earned

3.      Chance to earn first place ribbon each nine weeks if top boy/girl in class

4.      Chance to earn a trophy at the end of the year if top boy/girl in grade level

5.      Cutout (Prize each class works for everyday, everywhere they go to earn class parties/privileges)


Consequences: (not necessarily listed in order)

1.      Loss of privileges

2.      Loss of laps    


For severe or repeat offences: (not necessarily listed in order)

1.      White slip sent home to have signed

3.      Office Referral

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